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Step 1: Please check the Strata bylaws to ensure such alteration is permitted. The bylaw can usually be found under the “Obtain approval before altering a strata lot” section. It lays out the requirements and other important information you need to know before making the application.

Step 2: Complete the following application and submit to our office either online by email, fax, or mail. Our office will re-direct your application to the Strata Manager of your building.

Owner’s Information:
The following questions MUST be completed:

Areas you plan to change the floor finishing: *
Rating and details of the type of underlay you plan to install (Note : the minimum requirements must be met before your application can be processed - please refer to your Strata bylaws): *
Flooring materials you plan to install: *
The name of the company/contractor you are going to engage for the installation: *
Is your contractor insured? (Note : Your contractor must carry Contractor Liability Insurance before your application can be processed. A coverage of $2M is recommended to fully protect you and your Strata Corporation) * Yes?

Step 3: Your application will be reviewed and approved in due course. Upon approval, your Strata Manager will be in contact you to sign an Indemnity Agreement.

It is important for you NOT to commence work until receipt of the written approval. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing time and we appreciate you do not contact our office until then. Thank you in advance for your attention and co-operation.

Tips to Remember:
  • Consider buying a betterment insurance coverage for your flooring improvement.
  • Please ensure your contractor removes and disposes any construction waste materials off-site to avoid unnecessary fines and charge backs to your account, as disposal of such materials in the building's garbage and recycling bins is prohibited
  • Ensure your contractor abides to the building bylaws/rules and municipal bylaws governing when works can be carried out.

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