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FirstService Residential BC’s commercial property specialists are licensed and trained to deal efficiently and effectively with all aspects of managing your commercial property.  Their attentive hands-on approach to service ensures tenant satisfaction and most importantly, your long-term asset value. FirstService Residential BC supports our commercial team’s day-to-day operations with advanced technology, in-depth managerial resources and efficient systems that eliminate or minimize problems and maximize your return on investment.

Why FirstService Residential BC:

  • Proficient in managing all kinds of commercial property;

  • Strategic partnerships with trades and suppliers offering considerable buying and negotiating power;

  • Customized reporting to suit client requirements;

  • Entrepreneurial structure offers innovative real estate solutions;

  • Managers of Real Estate, not brokers or selling agents.

What FirstService Residential BC Does For You:

  • Tenants

Bill and collect rents and recoveries promptly; co-ordinate collections with lawyers and bailiffs, enquiries handled professionally; liaise with leasing agents; assist with lease renewals (if contracted).

  • Financial Planning

 Prepare annual budget, capital planning, reserve requirements and recoveries from tenants.

  • Financial Records and Transactions

Undertake accurate record keeping of income and expenses; provide payroll services for on-site staff; supply comprehensive, comparative monthly financial statements to budget and reporting to other parties; furnish billing and reconciliation of recoveries from tenants.

  • Site Management

Hiring, training, supervision and evaluation of on site staff; ensure WorkSafe BC compliance; regular property inspection and reports.

  • Repairs and Maintenance

Oversee competitively priced repair and maintenance work; complete contract administrative services; regularly review contractors to ensure competitive pricing; identify and coordinate all maintenance and service requirements; when necessary, engage specialists in all areas including, engineers, architects and other professionals.

  • Insurance

Carry out analysis and negotiation of specialized insurance coverage for maximum protection, minimum risk; annual appraisal conducted.

  • Emergency Service

 Provide 24-hour emergency contact and response service for all tenants.

  • Cost-efficiencies

 Obtain bulk purchase discounts, preferred contractor rates, legal retainer program to seek legal advice at a low rate for simple matters.

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We also offer Strata Management Services!

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